Sarah Caputo -  'Anna Zborowska'

Sarah Caputo – ‘Anna Zborowska’

The Fakenham Art Biennial is a contemporary art show open to all emerging and established Norfolk based artists.

Our first exhibition in 2009 saw nearly 3,500 visitors during the 10 days it was open and the sale of over 30% of the 90 works hung. Our second exhibition in 2011 continued this success with around 3,000 visitors, again over 10 days, and the sale of around 20% of the 95 works hung. We continue to build on that platform, seeking to add something ambitious, bold and unique to Norfolk’s cultural calendar.

We are also keen to continue to raise Fakenham’s profile on the arts map of Norfolk. There is such artistic vitality and creativity in our county and being able to use the stirring venue of Fakenham’s large, light and community focused 14th century parish church to showcase some of the best work of Norfolk’s contemporary artists and makers always makes for an exhilarating show.

Should you have any enquiries, or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.